The River Dell PTO is committed to bring speakers to each meeting. The topics will be those that we have found to be the most beneficial for our families and school community! We also welcome any speaker ideas you may have. Please e-mail your ideas to

Meetings will be on the following Tuesday's at 7:00 pm at the High School Library:  10/2/18, 11/20/18, 2/26/19 and 5/7/19.


PTO Meeting:  Alumni in Recovery (AIR) speakers on Tues., May 8, 2018, 7:00 in the RDHS Library



“By sharing their life stories, AIR’s goal is to help teens and preteens identify with the speakers feelings and emotions when they were at that same age in hopes that the students opt for more positive choices along their own paths.” -AIR

This is a program that was so impactful to our parents last year that the district had them come in to speak to our students.  The RD PTO would like to give you another chance to  experience this program.  

We look forward to sharing this important evening with you!

AIR is a volunteer program, started in Bergen County, offering a service to school systems.  AIR is a safe and reliable group of responsible young people in recovery from drug and alcohol addition, speaking in schools they are familiar with.  AIR's goal and purpose is to give teens and preteens an opportunity to identify with the speaker's feelings and experiences, helping them to opt for positive choices along their own paths.


PTO Meeting:  Tuesday, February 27th @7:00 in the RDHS Library

We will have a speaker from Princeton Review helping your son/daughter navigate the road to applying to their DREAM college!  Join us to find out why it has never been easier AND never been more difficult to get into college than it is today. Our experts will walk you through finding and selecting the best college for you and helpful information on the admission process, SAT's and ACT's, and grades.

Everyone who attends will have the opportunity to register for a chance to win a FREE SAT & ACT self-paced course from The Princeton Review (a $99 value)!

Come early, grab a snack and a cup of coffee and bring a friend!  We look forward to seeing you!



PTO Meeting Tuesday, 11/14 @ 7 pm in the RDHS Library.

Robert Traitz - Certified Financial Planner & College Planning Specialist - will be joining us to talk about the college financial planning process. Robert will be speaking on behalf of NJ’s Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, HESAA.


·        Paying for College without going broke and little known ways of qualifying for money

·        How Private College can cost less than State Universities

·        Importance of FAFSA & what it can mean for students

·        Eligibility tips for FREE grant money

·        Recent Law changes in Federal Student Aid

·        Capitalizing from Life changing events… job loss, divorce

·        Risk management strategies that shouldn’t be ignored

·        The Financial Aid Award letter and what to do next?

·        Appeal process as a tool when qualifying for grants

·        …and much more, with opportunities for Q & A!!

We look forward to seeing you!  Come early, have a cup of coffee and a snack.



PTO MEETING:  Tuesday, 9/26/17, 7:00 pm, RDHS Library - "Rumor Dell"

  • What have your children been staying about the first weeks of school?
  • What is everyone talking about?
Rumors/Topics Discussed by Parents and Members of the Administration Included:
  • Music program
  • Vaping in bathrooms
  • Grading practices, homework, how students access homework on school wires
  • State testing practices (i.e. PARCC)
  • Navigating Naviance
(Below: Administration Showing Their School Spirit Wearing Their New River Dell Tassel Hats, from the PTO)


2016-2017 School Year

PTO MEETING:  Tuesday, 5/9/17, 7:00 pm, RDHS Library - "A Path to Addiction"



“90 percent of addictions begin in the teen years.”

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids


This important presentation will educate you on the dangers of experimentation with prescription medication, specifically Opiates, and how it corresponds directly with the increase in Heroin use by young people. 

You will hear first-hand accounts and examples of Heroin-related arrests, overdoses, and deaths throughout Bergen County. 

You will leave with a practical, real-world education on the chilling effects Heroin can have on our lives and the importance of good decision-making. 



PTO MEETING:  Tuesday, 2/28/17, 7:00 pm, RDHS Library - "Teen Dating Abuse Prevention Program"

Frank discussion led by Allison Bressler, Co-founder of A Partnership For Change, a NJ non-profit organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and dating abuse through the provision of education and prevention programs.

APFC has been conducting the PowerBack* teen dating abuse prevention program at RiverDell HS and this presentation will include an update on PowerBack as well as:

·          Understanding the different types of abuse in a dating relationship

·          Identifying the warning signs that your teen may be in an abusive relationship

·          Effective ways to speak with your teen about your concerns

·          Understanding the obstacles and risks of leaving an abuser

·          Safety planning with your teen



PTO MEETING:  Tuesday, 11/15/16, 7:00 pm, RDHS Library - "It is never too early to start planning for college"

Robert Traitz - Certified Financial Planner & College Planning Specialist - will be joining us to talk about the college financial planning process. Robert will be speaking on behalf of the NJ’s Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, HESAA. 


PTO MEETING:  Wednesday, 10/5/16, 7:00 pm, RDHS Library - "RUMOR DELL"

Speakers:  Patrick Fletcher, Superintendent of Schools; Bill Feldman, Assist. Super of Curriculum and Instruction, Lorraine Brooks, RDHS Principal, Richard Freedman, RDMS Principal

Topic Discussed:

  • Suggested Books: “I’m Going to College, Not You” and “Where You Go is Not Who You’ll Be” Author:  Frank Bruni 
  • When to take PSAT’s?  Suggested to hold off until Jr. year.  Discussion around what colleges looking for.  Transcripts trump.  Many schools are waiving testing requirements. 
  • NJ Student Learning Standards – Common Core is gone.  Review of new NJ Student Learning Standards.  There will be shift in language arts.  Standards have always been a part of system, however district identifies with ‘standards’ in force at the time. 
  • Transition from Middle School to H.S.  Need to finish strong in 6th grade.  Encouraged to join clubs to expose student to something different. Growth clubs:  Robotics, Math Competitions, Library Club. 
  • Summer Homework Rational:  Summer assignment match literary works on PARC tests.  Teachers are required to have SGO goals (student literary goals).  Advanced placement students are advised to participate in a different set of requirements to better prepare them.  Summer work does not contribute to the grade.
  • Homework & Parent Concerns:
  • Rule of thumb: 1 to 2 hr./night for both middle and high school
  • Give teachers 24 to 48 hours to respond to an email.  Most often they will respond in 24 hrs.
  • Encouraged emailing teacher first before escalating
  • Sports: “Option 2” being examined.  “Option 2” is a way for the state to determine how to satisfy requirements.  Example: Students heavily engaged in sports having the option of taking a study hall vs. gym.
  • Random drug testing program being re-instated towards end of month.  Alcohol is the biggest problem over drugs
  • Lunch – just one time a day for all students.  Answer: Allows students to have longer periods.  Allows for the ‘common peer leadership" program or extra help during this time.  Rumor:  not enough room in cafeteria.  Answer:  yes there is however students choose to eat in other locations.


2015-2016 School Year

PTO MEETING: Tuesday, 5/17/16, 7:00 pm, RDHS Library

Sgt. Mike Perez and Detective Davis Valdivia from the Bergen County Prosecutors Office presented a
"Path to Addiction".  They were joined by Gail Cole, an Allendale Mother who lost her son to addiction. 
The Officers focused on the growing drug problem in Bergen County over the past several years. They noted that opiates (pain killers) are being prescribed at an alarming rate to adolescents, often for sports injuries, contributing to their addiction.  Studies have shown that opiate abuse commonly leads to experimentation followed by heroin addiction.  This is especially true given the decrease in the cost of heroin compared to opiates and the increased heroin purity.  They emphasized that no family is exempt from this growing trend and reviewed the signs/red flags to look for with our adolescents.
Thank you again to our guest speakers for this invaluable information and spending extra time with us to answer questions after their presentations.

PTO MEETING: Tuesday, 2/23/16, 7 pm, RDHS Library

We would like to give a special thanks to Jill Pantaleo and Associates for providing a very informative and engaging presentation on Teen Anxiety and Depression.  Ms. Pantaleo gave an overview of symptoms and risk factors for depression and anxiety.  She and her team also discussed ways to identify potential issues and the various resources available to provide help.  After her presentation, she opened the meeting to questions which parents were able to ask anonymously via text messaging.  Ms. Pantaleo and her team's responses were very insightful and helpful.   


PTO MEETING: Tuesday, 11/17/15, 7 pm, RDHS Library

Thank you to Robert Traitz, Certified Financial Planner & College Planning Specialist, for an informative session on the college financial planning process and to all the PTO members who attended the meeting. Robert spoke on behalf of the NJs Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, HESAA.  He discussed topics such as: 

  • Paying for College without going broke and little known ways of qualifying for money
  • How Private College can cost less than State Universities
  • Importance of FAFSA & what it can mean for students
  • Eligibility tips for FREE grant money
  • Recent Law changes in Federal Student Aid
  • Capitalizing from Life changing events… job loss, divorce
  • Risk management strategies that shouldn’t be ignored
  • The Financial Aid Award letter and what to do next?
  • Appeal process as a tool when qualifying for grants

    For additional information contact:

    Bob Traitz, Certified Financial Planner, College Planning Specialist, 201-566-3013